Saturday, December 15, 2012

The early trips

For those who don't know why I am in Oman: Last May I was hired as CEO of the Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman.  I did not, however, want to drop everything at Washington National Opera and leave right away.  I had some loose ends to tie up at WNO, in particular I wanted to get my brainchild, the young-composers-commissioning project, off the ground, so it was mutually agreed that I would start full time on Dec. 1. 

Following the trip in June for the press conference announcing both the new season and my appointment I made 4 more one-week trips for a total of 7 trips to Oman in 2012!  When I wasn't in Oman I was still conducting business via email. It was challenging not being on site full time, which is one reason I am so glad to be in Muscat for good now.

During those earlier quick visits to Oman I was able to make a little time to get around Muscat and surroundings. I drove to Sur and back (south-east tip of Oman), went to Nizwah (the old capital), up to the mountains to see the Omani Grand Canyon at 9000ft and to visit a mountain resort.  Back in town I went to the souk (market) in old Muscat, the Diving Center, and the amazing Shangri-La resort, among other beautiful hotels right on the beach. The water is pleasant all year round and the color is a beautiful turquoise blue. The people in Oman are very polite and kind, I have wonderful colleagues
 at the Royal Opera House and the theatre is amazingly beautiful.   Check it out:

More about these places and other adventures in upcoming posts.

The Muttrah Souk in old Muscat


Mountain resort

(Scuba) Diving Center

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