Friday, May 10, 2013

Trip to DC

As thoughts turn to Spring I'll wrap up the Winter travels quickly....My third business trip brought me back to Washington, DC.

I returned to take in the Opening Nights of "Manon Lescaut" and "Norma" in both of which I had some emotional investment having planned those titles, productions and casts 2-4 years before.
It was delightful to see so many friends again, even though it had only been three months since I left. It was truly flattering to be welcomed back by so many with smiles and hugs.

The performances were wonderful with Pat Racette in her role debut as Manon Lescaut and with Angela Mead as Norma (I hired her for this 4 years ago after judging her in the Belvedere Competition which she ultimately won).

I also had the chance to dart up to New York one Saturday to take part in the Opera Quiz at the second intermission of The Met's "Don Carlo" (probably my favourite opera).

Peter Kazaras, Thomas Wolf, Yours Truly, Gerald Moore, Diana Damrau

I have been on the quiz before, but this was my first appearance representing the Royal Opera House Muscat!

Waiting at the airport in Dubai I was often struck by seeing those big contrasts between the very modern, high-tech airport and lots of very traditional clothing.

Just another sunny day in DC at my favorite vantage point just north of National Airport, a great place to watch planes land and take case you didn't know: I LOVE planes

It wasn't all opera work...I also got to take in a Washington Capitals hockey game with Anne, Geoff and Marilyn - great fun and the Caps won 30 seconds into overtime with a spectacular quick goal! It was also nice to see ice again after months of warm sandy desert!

A busy though enjoyable week on all levels!