Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Car

Cars are not too expensive here.  Given the buying power in the area and with expats rotating through so frequently there are many luxury and high end used cars on the market at very reasonable prices. The Royal Omani Police drive Mercedes!  I saw 3 Lamborghinis in a 2 week span!  BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, etc. are frequent sights on the roads here.  There are plenty more practical vehicles, too, of course, Japanese, American and European makes.  The roads are in excellent condition in most places and there's no road salt to speed corrosion, so the luxury cars are all in great shape and typically have low mileage.

This is all by way of saying....a colleague and I are now the proud co-owners of a Maserati !
More formally: a Maserati Cambiocorsa 4200, make 2002, 8 cylinders, 400 horsepower. This was the first Maserati made after Ferrari purchased the company so the engine is a Formula 1 Ferrari engine.

I was going to buy it just by myself, but considering that I won't drive it every day, that some repairs will be needed over time on an 11 year old sports car and that my colleague, our Technical Director Geoff, loves old cars and has technical and mechanical car experience, I took his offer to go in on it with me. Overall it seemed convenient and comforting to me to have a car geek as co-owner of such high-powered vintage race car.
We paid less than $18,000 for our Maserati ; yearly insurance: $500, no property tax, a nominal registration fee, gas: $17 for 14 gallons. This makes it relatively affordable to own such car here in Oman.....I doubt I could ever do this anywhere else, so here it is, the "red beauty":

Picked it up in Dubai

 Got a new paint job in Muscat

The wheels got painted black

 Voila! Parked at work!