Thursday, July 25, 2013

London and Vienna 2013

Sorry it has been a while since the last post. Time did fly and it's been a very busy few months as I hope to outline in coming posts.
In late March I went to London for several meetings with agents and colleagues. I also took in a few shows, well, musicals this time, for example Irvin Berlin's Top Hat, a fabulous classic in a wonderful production that brought back the original spirit of the 1935 movie. It was well sung and danced making a perfectly enjoyable evening and reminding me that the song "Cheek to Cheek" was written for this musical. I definitely had a good time!
The next day was Chorusline which I first saw in the 80's in New York and it still works beautifully. A little dated, but a good show, excellent cast.
The day after I went to hear a concert of the London Philharmonic conducted by Valery Gergiev: Szymanovsky and Brahms. I loved every second of the Brahms Requiem and that's all I say.
Off then to Vienna to the Opera Europa conference. After many years of attending Opera America conferences while working in the US (1994 - 2012) I was happy to attend the European version and see many of my European colleagues again. Working for the Royal Opera House Muscat made for a lot of good conversation with many colleagues and agents.
I took in a performance of Fidelio with Anja Kampe in a fabulous turn as Leonore. The absolute highlight of the evening that brought the house down was the Leonore III Overture before the 2nd act !! Ivan Fisher was on fire and so was the orchestra that played with such enthusiasm and, one of the best things I have ever heard !
For the rest I focused on meetings and dinners with colleagues and all in all I had a fruitful time in Vienna.
I'll catch you up on the rest of summer over the next couple of weeks.

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