Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ambassadorial meetings

Now that I'm in Oman full time I can better assist in promoting ROHM.  The international community has been especially welcoming.

Dec 1, my first day, I attended a reception at the German Ambassador's Residence honoring their National Day (which is actually Oct.3, but that is beside the point).  In addition to Ambassador von Reibnitz I met the former Dutch ambassador, members of US and Spanish delegations, and a Belgian official, among others.

Dec 2 an appointment with the German ambassador in his office.

Dec 4 lunch with the Thai ambassador; in the evening an event at French Embassy in honor of organist Jean Guillou who had performed at ROHM the night before; on this occasion I met the ambassadors from Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Dec 5 attended a reception in honor of the anniversary of the day of birth of His Majesty the King of Thailand (also known as National Day). In attendance were many of those listed above, plus current US Ambassador Greta Holtz, the Moroccan ambassador and his wife, and the wife of the ambassador from Afghanistan, among others.

Dec 9 reception at the Italian ambassador's residence for the Italian community, of which, apparently, I am a part.

Dec 14 reception at the French embassy for Opera de Nice, performing at ROHM.

Dec 18 reception at the US residence for Joshua Bell, another recent performer at ROHM.

It seemed a whirlwind start, but fortunately there was a break for the holidays!

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